Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mixed Bag

The big weekender has left me feeling a little under the weather so apologies for any delay in service, I've been hacking up half my lung and gasping a death rattle breath that sounds like a rejected Darth Vader audition... but other than that I'm great!

The big weekender turned out to have just about a little bit of everything in it. It was a big game for me coming back into the 1's after a few weeks away, the cup was a huge game with a lot to be said about it, and I've also got to spare a little time to offer commiserations to the 2's. So, lots to get through.

Let's start at the beginning with our journey down to Chester. A second trip to the old Roman town this season for me but with a far happier return as we came away 7-1 winners. Big news alert on a personal front was the fact that I returned to the 1's and managed to score a hat-trick! Exciting stuff and I'm very happy with that result I can assure you. I should also point out that it was a hat-trick of my typical style of goals, which is essentially the finish on a good bit of teamwork and movement from less than 5 yeards out. Nearly every single goal I score is the result of at least one other players good work and skill, so to start going both barrels about being a deadly threat and lethal to the opposition is probably a bit rich really. That said, I will credit myself with all the hard work I put in to beat markers and sneak in to get into those key positions in the first place, the vast majority of which takes place off the ball when no one is watching to quote Mo I'm 'like a ninja'. Normally I subscribe to the rule of 'Self praise is no praise' but I'm going to let myself off this time, why? I scored a hat trick.

Funny thing was we didn't totally boss the game and got put under the cosh a few time in the second half, I can't say how much of that was due to us being 7-0 up with an eye on the Sunday game at the time or not. It's a good thing then that we found the goal so well, that really was the plus point, we scored nearly all of our chances. That is something we have been working on in training (if that doesn't sound ridiculous, when are you not working on that?). There have been some very frustrating nights at training in pursuit of that 'goal' but it is certainly having a slow and steady effect I'm pleased to say. We're not there yet though, as we'll now find out...

So Saturday done and dusted, jug bought and drank. All the boys in for an early night for big game Sunday. When we woke up it was cold, icy cold, pretty much cancel the game cold. Still, we rose up and loitered outside the pitch until someone finally rocked up to open it (my feet were numb by this point). The verdict turned out that the pitch was playable, so a bit of creative warming up to remove the top layer of frost and we were good to go. Then the heartbreak, We ended up losing 4-3, a real real tragedy for us as I think as the weeks roll by we'll think we really deserved to win. Two things that could've gone better for us: 1. We could've played a better first half, 4-1 at half time is a big ask to come back from anytime. 2. We could've/ should've took our chances. Now the quality level of the keeper we faced on Sunday was superb (some have speculated it may even have been better than H- though he's having none of it), but that doesn't change the fact we had well more than 3 chances but no more than 3 goals. The worst of it was just how dominant we were at the end, when a last minute Penalty Corner dropped I really thought it was going to extra time. Instead I watched from the subs bench in agony as it went wide. I was stood on the sidelines the last time a last minute short didn't go our way in the cup, although that one hurt a lot more I must say and the less said on that the better. So the cup run is over for this season but we've had a fun time again, proved our value and that we belong in a higher league I think so we'll be back next year for another shot, though I must say I really wanted us to bring it home in our 125th anniversary year... c'est la vie.

In more disappointment news the 2's didn't manage to bounce back from last weeks loss going down 2-1 to Bowdon. I don't know too much about the game but I wanted to express my sympathies, coming back from a big loss like that is never easy. I did also hear chance conversion was an issue there too though. I see a theme developing here...

To bring it back to a happier spin I managed to put another goal in on Sunday which gives me 4 goals for the weekend. That's lovely as I can remember scoring 4 goals in a season once and finishing as joint top-scorer for the team (yes, we got relegated). For those interested in following the tally of this elite attacking predator that is me my seasonal tally is now at 12, which is only 3 behind my final tally from last year. The target is to beat that by Christmas (4 goals in 2 games essentially). For me, as a forward, my currency is goals. Not man of the match shouts, not clean sheets, and not pitch time. Goals. That's just a personal thing really, I'm not a technically gifted player nor the fittest, tallest, fastest, or strongest in the club, I'm a poor tackler and dreadful at controlling aerials. I am however the current top scorer out of all 1st and 2nd team players, so for me none of the previous matters and business is a-booming!

Song of the week

Well I think you can see the theme glaring through all down this weeks blog. Scoring goals and taking chances. It really is an obvious song choice that I should have to explain no further then I think. The only change I've gone for is in selecting a cover of this song and not the Abba original. The reason for this is the pure hilarity of the music video, seriously you have to check this out, Camp-as-Christmas it is... and watch out for the 'reggae' breakdown at the end. This weeks song of the week is Erasure- Take A Chance On Me

Well I have no words for that video so let's move on swiftly...

The Teas League

I'm back in the hot-seat this time folks so Mark Holmes reign of culinary judgement terror is taking a brief hiatus. I only hope I can live up to the high standards of review we have set before. I trembled at the thought but I had the advantage this week, I'd eaten these Teas before...

Disclaimer: This is only a bit of fun. I am an appalling cook myself and in no way a food expert. All criticism will be tongue-in-cheek and if any people/clubs choose to take offence please know that all reviews are intended to make no negative reflection on the friendly welcome and hospitality that all teams always provide us, for which we are very grateful and thankful for.

1/12/12 Chester Away

Chilli, Chips and Rice

I'm starting to think we should re-name this feature 'The Teas League- Sponsored by Chilli', anyway let's see what we have.

Substance 7/10- Can't fault a Chilli in the interest of fairness and the addition of chips AND rice is a big bonus. Bit of grumbling about portion size though. A 7 it is, and a harsh one at that.

Taste 7/10- We're becoming something of a bunch of Chilli connoisseurs these days so opinion was split on the Chilli taste, some harsh words flying about. I thought it was passable and the rice was good stuff. Never underestimate a well cooked rice. A more generous 7 this time.

Presentation 6/10- self-service plastic plates and cutlery. No home comforts there I'm afraid, but service was easily done and dished out so it claws some points back for proper serving utensils. Playing on my conscience with a with a cheeky 6.

A pretty solid if unspectacular performance here. I was expecting big things for Chester having sampled it before but the quality wasn't as high and as we all know it's the performance in the test that counts. So let's check that league table...

1.Colwyn Bay (Chilli & Chips)- S: 8 T: 9 P: 7 Tot: 24/30
2.Chester (Chilli, Chips & Rice)- S: 7 T: 7 P: 6 Tot 20/30
3.Brooklands (Sandwiches & Chips)- S:5 T:6 P:8 Tot: 19/30
4.Timperley (Spag Bol with Rosemary & Salt Focaccia)- S:5 T: 2 P:6 Tot: 13/30
5. Bebington (Jacket Potato & Maybe Turkey Chilli)- S:4 T:2 P:1 Tot: 7/30

A brave challenge from Chester but NOT ENOUGH to topple Colwyn Bay as their superior Chilli quality held off the lure of added rice. Can Chester hold a respectable 2nd place for the rest of the year? Only time will tell. One more stop on the Teas league Train before Christmas, I'm hoping something festive is served so if you're reading this Oxton, mince pies please!

Thanks again folks for joining me in a week when I'm happy to be back in the side and scoring but sad to see us drop out of the cup. I've started to think about this years Christmas Special too so if you're around the first team squad and have any Champagne or Turkey moments you would like to nominate for anyone please give me a shout at the weekend or on the Christmas do. See you next time!

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