Saturday, 20 August 2011

Where to begin....

OK so I'm not totally sure what I'm going to get out of this exercise. One thing I'm sure I'll get is the piss taken out of me by at least one or two of my lovely team-mates, but I'm more than capable of handling that shanter.

I just wanted to be able to improve our club's presence online and try to keep everyone updated about some of the things that are going on and more specifically the progress of our Men's first team who I will (hopefully) be playing for throughout the coming season.

As it says in the description hockey has been around in Sale for the last 123 years. That means hockey was played at Sale before football was played at Old Trafford, before cars were on the road, and even before Coca-cola was drunk. So, a long time then. Ironically hockey isn't really played at Sale anymore. Certainly we are based at Sale, and proud to be a part of Sale Sports club on Clarendon Crescent but these days nearly all of our games are played on astro-turf. There being no astro-turf at Sale our actual 'home' pitch is at William Hulme school in Whalley Range. This, I think, has led to a slight estrangement from our clubhouse for some of our members, and justifiably so with today's busy lifestyle. This is another reason for me making this blog. I want to keep some of the other guys up to date with how we're doing so that no one misses out on a part of being a member at Sale hockey club, which I think is a very social club.

Anyway, I don't want to go on for ages right now So I guess that will do for some opening remarks. Here's hoping for a successful season and a successful blog.

Thanks for reading!