Friday, 14 December 2012

Getting Festive

So there it stands behind us, half a season gone. It wasn't so bad, could've been worse, but there's still a hell of a lot of work to do going forward. Luckily we're still winning and 6-2 last weekend was a great looking result on paper. It was a little more scrappy than that though and only by virtue of three of the worst goals I've ever seen (and I've seen and scored plenty dreadful goals!) was the scoreline so flattering. I really don't know which goal to pick out as the worst: we have the worst flick of all time (Dave), the 16 attempt tap in (Danny), and the miracle of the topped reverse stick hit that somehow wasn't backstick (Also known, incorrectly, as the tomahawk- Mark). A tough field, though maybe I'm just being jealous as I didn't grab a goal myself and now my 4 goals before Christmas target is becoming a bit of a stretch.

One target well within sight is the winning all games before Christmas. We're off to face bottom of the league tomorrow so we're up for a win for sure. It's also the first game after the turnaround, which mean it's the first team we'll be playing for the 2nd time this year, so no more surprises. It'll be a good chance to see if all my guff about our attacking improving is actually true. Last time we scored 4 goals, so let's see if we can get a few more this time around!

When we get this close to the Christmas break it can be feel like a bit of an effort if you've got a late away game like we have but I know the boys will want to lift themselves and go away happy. We've all had a week to sleep off the hangovers from the team Christmas night out. That's a night that never lets my expectations down and this time was no different. The highlights include some lovely buffet food, gangnam style line dancing, and lots and lots of bottles of vodka. It was madness, such a good party even Peter Crouch popped up for a cameo!

I thought with this being a festive edition I should spend a bit less time talking about the game and share with you some lovely photos taken by me (I think) from the party last week. Don't worry they're all family friendly! At Sale we're all about having a good time and we're a really good social club on to be a part of I think. So here we go...

1st Team Christmas Party 2012

First let's deal with the bit most of you will be interested in. Some of the boys happened to bump into the Stoke City FC Christmas party on Deansgate. Unfortunately for Martin he was one of the guys there and was forced into this 'little and large' photo by Marky. Mark can count himself lucky as only 1 inch separates him and Martin in height. if he'd not been there, he'd of had to step up.

We started off with some pretty standard posing shots: This is (left to right) Me, 'Ice Cold' Lewis, & Goldsie.

Here we have Martin, Charlie, and Nick. Martin gets a lot of stick for being the shortest guy in the team though I feel I have to point out that the other two are on a ledge at this point.

Here's Jim and Dave 'other blog' Wynne. Jim was the only man not to partake in the vodka free for all, a wise move.

In ascending height order are Martin, Marky (the guest teas league reviewer), and Me. For the record those aren't my fingers behind Mark that would've required me having the worlds shortest arm.

Here's the life and soul of the evening in Danny. I didn't get a picture of it but Danny chose to come out rocking a trilby, making him look like some kind of 1940s US cop. He's almost, but not quite, as drunk as he looks in this shot.

And here we have the alcohol that fuelled the whole evening. We gorged ourselves on bottle after bottle of vodka and pitcher after pitcher of 'energy drink'. When we ran out we decided to stuff a random persons shoe into the pitcher, as you do, and much to Dannys delight.

 Not sure why Dave is on the floor, there was an accompanying shot to this one but it was censored.

A round of the infamous drinking game '5s' is in play here with Lyndon and Mike H facing off in the final. Judging from this shot Mike P has lost a few rounds earlier on.

Here is the Gangnam Style dance-off. On your far right is Captain H. Mark had an absolutely legendary video of this incident but like a fool deleted it from his phone at 5am. Fail.

As the evening wore on it all got a bit much for some. On our way to the dance floor we spotted this lady having a bit of a kip.

The lovers Danny & Kiwi were in full flow when we reached the dance floor.

I tried to muscle in, don't think it went down well with Danny.

Very generous of the boys to lean back like that in the shot for Martin.

Probably my favourite shot of the evening. We have no idea who this guy making some kind of gangnam style effort is. I can promise you it was very dark in the room we were in and this man could not have been able to see anything. To be fair most of the team were in a similar state then. If you're wondering who is making the rude gesture that would be Ben.

The next day. Says it all really...

So there you have it. Can't say if we won or lost that evening really, only that it was fun.

Song of the week 

In homage to the friend we made on the Christmas party and the lost dance video, this weeks song of the week can be none other than the Internet sensation that is Psy- Gangnam Style.

Thanks for reading folks. Hope the lack of content was made up for in an abundance of pictures. I'll be back again soon, as I've now got to go away and start planning this years 'Christmas Special' Blog. Jingle Bells!

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