Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Once more into the breach

I love it when a plan comes together. No I'm not in the A-team I'm merely echoing the satisfaction that can be gained by achieving exactly what you set out to do. Last week we did that; travelling all the way out to Wales. The preparation was going to be key to the execution and we were able to both prepare and execute, from the first minute when we went 1-0 up, to the last minute when we finished 6-2 winners we were able to stay composed and in control, there were moments of doubts when concentration dropped and some unnecessary moments of madness we could really do without but overall I'm really happy with our results. I think I said last week that this was our hardest remaining challenge, I'll now go on to explain why I was lying all along.

Firstly, by virtue of other results, we now stand a mere 5 points away from being able to claim ourselves as league champions and promotion winners. 5 points, for the mathematically weak among you, translates into just two more wins. We're in the position due to ourselves of course but have had our lives made easier due to 2nd place chasers being put to the sword last weekend. The beauty of this is that their conquerors, with fresh blood dripping from their sword, are now the opponents that stand between us and a title clinching date with destiny a week later. A tough team that we struggled to put away earlier in the season I know that this time we will be looking for a much more comprehensive result, and to any thirst for giant killing that may have got their blood up and our proud selves worried I simply say, it will not be our fate.

Forgive the dramatic language but this represents what I believe to be our final hurdle and our final chance to fall and I do not want complacency nor arrogance to seep in like the poison they are. Our achievements are good, we currently enjoy a gap at the top of our division not bettered by any other team in the entire league structure and boast the finest stats across the board for our division. Our dominance has been proved by those numbers, but the proving goes ever on, and I'm relishing these last tough few steps on this long road to success. So to Saturday and to battle once more, I look forward to us getting the job done once again.

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