Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Down Time

Not much to report today folks. Sadly due to 'inclement weather' our game, and pretty much every other game in the region, was called off on Saturday. It's very frustrating for hockey addicts like me having a Saturday thrust upon me like that. I simply do not know what to do with myself other than mope around the house cursing the weather. It's especially bad timing for us in that we are now having our momentum sapped everyday through inactivity (our training has been cancelled too). Hopefully it's going to be a return to hockey training tonight though as the conditions seem to be marginally warmer currently. After our comeback win all we really wanted to do was play the next game there and then. But we're not afraid of the effort needed to get back to that level so I'm sure we be making a storming return this weekend.

Considering the lack of action on the field for us I though I'd briefly share some of my opinions regarding the elite level of the game, they're only the opinions of a casual fan I hasten to add so please don't take them as gospel. The FIH (the sports governing body) chooses to market Hockey as the fastest team sport in the world. Now that's debatable (certainly at the level some of our teams play at!) but I can see where they are coming from. The self-pass rule in particular helps to make the game flow. At the elite level this creates for near ceaseless play, ensuring players are well and truly tested and rotation is needed (apparently elite level forwards can expect to play in 10 minute rotations).

What strikes me the most about elite level play is the importance of short corners (or penalty corners as some insist on calling them). When a short corner is conceeded in an international game the players react almost as though they had scored. Now there is good reason for that, they pretty much do always score from short corners. Also what it highlights is the high level of skill that defenders operate with at the elite level. They are truly masters of their art for making an open play goal more of an exception than a rule.

With the olympics coming up I think credit has to be given to GB hockey for the great strides that both the mens and ladies teams have made in the past few years. They are now both serious challengers for medals and on home soil with raucous support from the crowds this should ldead to an excellent atmosphere and hopefully some great games. The prospect of that combined with the ever increasing profile of Hockey in the national media are a cause to keep me warm through these joyless frozen winter days. Thanks for reading, sorry for the lack of content, blame the sun.

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