Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Get your drag on for the lads...

First fully dark training session tonight. We were all lured in by the promise of a bleep test, so numbers were a bit lower tonight. I was quite excited, I even had pasta and everything. Sadly, that has been postponed due to technical issues (as in, we had no technology) and I had wanted to bring you some results to peruse over but I guess that will have to wait for another day.

We're very close to league action now, almost as close as I am to making an interesting comment about preparation and pre-season training. Our last training session was about V-drags! No me neither. Although I can now rule out the following possibilities in terms of what they are: 5 men in drag, large V shaped pieces of metal attached to limbs, Venezuelan Dragons. Anyway, enough shanter. It was a useful thing for us to work on certainly. But this is not a coaching blog and I am certainly not a coach. So with this in mind I thought that the best way to offer you something of a tutorial was to provide a memorable musical rhyme to memorise the essential points. I decided to enlist the renowned cultural orator Gracious K. If you are unfamiliar with Mr K's contributions to society then you can find some of his musings HERE.

Now my rhyme is very much in the style of K's much lauded 'Migraine skank' and I hope that its simple yet catchy rhythm can leave you all rocking the V-drag skank, it goes as follows:

First step you send your stick left,
Next step you drag your stick right,
Then you move both feet round the man,
Then you show me the V-Drag skank.

1st team I wanna see the V-drag  skank,
Don’t stop poppin' that V-drag skank,
Inside right show me the V-drag skank,
Inside left show me the V-drag skank,
It’s like cut inside and skank,
Put two hands on your stick and skank.

Man a like shooooooow meee how you get round, man a go drag round

Now if that didn't help you understand the complexity of the manoeuvre then stop being afraid of bleep tests and get your arses to training! See you next time, where I might return to being sensible...

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