Sunday, 18 September 2011

Full steam ahead

Well, that was fun. Yesterday we put our first win on the board, and in style. There isn't really a lot you can say about a 5-0 win other than how pleased you are about it, just ask our spectator goal keeper. Its a great bit of prep and a great way to bounce back from last weeks disappointment. Our big aim was to prove we could play with that same intensity as we did against a team much higher than us. I think we proved that well, though maybe there were some patches where we let it drop, we'll work on those.

I won't go into the specifics of how we played, if you want to see us in action you're going to have to come down and watch us, but in terms of progression I can say that last season we played the same team and drew 2-2. This year i think they got into our D twice rather than scoring twice. All in all we're heading in the right direction. But it means nothing. A friendly is a friendly, there are no points on the board, and that is what we're focused on now. We don't do fines pre-season, thats how non-serious it all is! We don't count goal scorers in the final tally (Sorry Neil, the jug was nice though!), so it's really all about next week. We're postion 9 in our league at the moment, and we want to move up 7 places on Saturday. We'll accept no substitutes.

I'd encourage you to come down if you can and lend us a bit of support, we're on at 1:30 at WHGS, come and be with us on the start of the journey...

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