Monday, 16 January 2017

4 Years later...

If you're reading this message then thank you for checking in on us.

The last message on this account apologised profusely for a week long gap in posting, quite what level of contrition must be exhibited for an absence of near 4 years is beyond me. Whatever the length of absence, leaving readers on a cliffhanger with no winding up post is poor form indeed, so please accept my (deferred) apologies for that.

It did finally come to my attention (Thanks Phil!) that the silence lay heavy on this blog account so I thought I would go some may to rounding things up for now, with a view to gauging the popular demand for a full time return.

To summarise 4 years worth of mighty Sale hockey would be a task of epic proportions. The ups and downs have been many, performances of mythic glory and utter despair have been put in by old faces and new. Players have come and gone and come again, coaches and captains and divisions have changed all across the board, and we've even gone up and down in our number of teams. Throughout all of the action Sale has persisted in applying its familiar brand of imperfect but amicable Hockey, whatever the weather.

For my own part I still fit firmly into that mould of imperfection. My days of mediocre forward play have long gone as the yard of pace that I never quite had vanished forever to be replaced by an extra stone of weight. I migrated further down the pitch and now ply my trade mostly as a mediocre midfielder instead. The forward play now being left to younger and faster men... and older and faster men too. The old skills have not deserted me however and I still proudly hold the title of being Sale's worst controller of flicked passes. I remain confident of seeing off all challengers for that crown.

The pressures of modern life and the changes in the game are certainly a constant challenge for all of us down here over the last 4 years, but we remain true to our social Hockey values and positive outlook on all results (an outlook commonly used for sure). Despite challenges though I'm happy to report that it is a very exciting time to be a part of Sale for reasons that for brevity I will skip over for now.

Anyway, before I get too deep into the detail of what's current, what's coming, and what's done I'd just like to give a positive update for anyone who's checked in and wondered what desolation and despair befell this once regular blog. If you happen to be reading this for the first time and are thinking of joining the glorious world of the mighty Sale then  I would implore you pilgrim, explore further our website, get in touch with our skippers, come down to our training, and get involved in playing (probably) the greatest sport in the world for (definitely) the greatest club in the world.

Until next time (whenever that may be) good luck and come on Sale!

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