Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where the rubber meets the road

They say a watched pot never boils. I've never understood whether this means that if you don't light a fire nothing will happen or that if you literally watch a pot it seems to take longer to boil. Perhaps a bit of both? Answers on a postcard. To make that bizarre opening relevant I'm going to compare our team to the said pot. Maybe we've not started our fire and that's why we're not on the boil. Maybe we're scrutinising and navel gazing ourselves too much and it's making us take longer to come good... maybe a bit of both.

We won last week 7-2 but the general consensus was that we were poor value for that win. I could agree for the most part but there were some decent passing spells throughout the game and times when we kept the ball away from our opponents for minutes on end through fluid movement of the ball. Rare moments admittedly, most of our joy came through that favourite past time of mine; front line pressure. If we're to come across teams so willing to cough up the ball in the depths of their half every week 7-2 could well become the norm, sadly that won't happen. More to the point, it won't happen this weekend.

Yes this weekend the Sale show finally gets on the road will a full on balls out road trip down to the lovely seaside town of Colwyn Bay (speedos optional!). This match is a good reference point for how far we've come along. Last season we were playing Colwyns 2nd team. this season we're testing ourselves against their firsts. Progress. I'd love to spend the rest of my blog making wisecracks about getting the ice creams in and building sandcastles but the fact is that some very serious business is on the cards down at the bay this weekend. It's as near as damned a make or break fixture for us as we're going to get this year. They're unbeaten just like Timperley so it's another top of the table opponent and if we lose then we're 9 points off the top spot and firmly in the doldrums of the table without any kind of upward motion. It is a simple statement: we have to win.

To lighten things up a bit I'm hoping to take a few holiday snaps of our lovely road trip journey (assuming selection of course!) regardless of the outcome. These long trips can often be the most fun part of the game, providing the result is the right one. North Wales is a long way home on the back of a loss, I know that from experience. I also remember a 5-4 'last minute winner' game at Colwyn a few years back, to this day one of the best games I've ever played in. I hope for something as fun this weekend but hopefully with a more clear cut win for us than that!

Whatever spring we got from last week we need to use every part of it to build up a good head of steam for this match. Momentum is key and right now they have more of it than us, but on the pitch its 11 men v 11 men and we're at our absolute peak when we want it more than the other 11 do.

Song of the week

Given that we're heading into such a crucial game I thought it would be appropriate to have a song fitting with our destination. In this case I've gone for a lovely little tune that was pretty much my favourite song of summer 2011. It's called 'the Bay' (see what I did there??), and whilst the bay in question wasn't written to be Colwyn Bay I'm sure that if you listen to the lyrics with a thoroughly sarcastic ear then you'll find some resonance with the Bay in the song and the Bay where the battle will take place this weekend. So this weeks song of the week is: Metronomy- The Bay.

That's all folks I hope to bring joyous tidings, photos galore, and of course another instalment of the famous Teas league next week!

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