Friday, 19 October 2012

Tied Hands

So another week rolls by and those familiar chills of winter are beginning to be visible on the horizon. Being a right hard nut my underskin is still firmly in the wardrobe (unlike other members of the team). The meat of the season is starting to be served now and our Bem Brazil token is firmly on green for now. Two wins in a row should hopefully firm up our momentum and strip away from us any remaining fear of the division that we unjustifiably had. We won 4-1 at the weekend, it could've been more, it should've been more, and while two wins is nice it hasn't helped our cause much yet. We're still languishing in 6th position and have been all season. Perhaps that will change with a third win on the bounce??

No easy task, we have to overcome our local rivals and top of the league, who beat us in the first friendly game of the season (see this seasons first post) with a pretty comfortable (for them) 3-0 win. I think we were a shadow of what we are now on that day, but three wins out of three for our rivals speaks for itself as to the challenge we're up against. So a big early season crunch battle is in store for us in our second away game of the season. Again, this 'away' game is still about as far away from our club as our own home ground but that's beside the point; it's in the lions den, and we're going to have to fight hard in this early season grudge match.

I may as well come clean with it, I won't be present at this battle having been assigned to the Twos this week. As said last week I maintain that I can't be happy about it, but that it does come as a challenge. It's a particular shame to me as I personally felt I had a much stronger game last week than some other weeks, but we are oversubscribed in the forward department so it is always going to be difficult. I certainly have a case to present on that matter but that won't be put forward here and now.

The thing I'm discovering right now is that I have had to change my mind on a matter. Previously I have always stated that the most uncomfortable position to be in any game is on the sideline, watching and being unable to change the course of proceedings or take an opportunity that you spot. I know now this is not true. The most uncomfortable place to be is not there at the game, when you know you can be there. Watching, you can eventually make an impact and change a game. This weekend my hands are tied. Having played for my team for three years pretty much unbroken, it hurts to not be playing against a team who will likely be rivalling us at the top of the table. I know that anything short of a commanding three points from the guys will leave me furious. That's just honest.

All said though I'm looking forward to the 2's game. 2nd teams are crucial to the strength of any club, and as we want to build ourselves into a big successful club again only by winning with the 1's and 2's (and indeed 3's and 4's) are we going to achieve that. In the 1st teams division we play 2nd teams, 3rd teams, and even 4th teams more than we do 1st teams, so strength down the teams is clearly the mark of a good club. I will still be playing with 100% intensity, as I would expect from everyone. The fact we're playing bottom of the league should hopefully be a bit of a Brucey bonus for attackers like me too!

Song of the week

Sorry to go all Liam Gallagher here and get obsessed with the Beatles but I've had to plump with another classic tune of theirs. This song is meant purely and simply as a challenge to the lads this weekend. Against top of the league I expect nothing but the best and so this weeks song of the week could only be: The Beatles- Don't let me down.

No Teas league this week folks as we were at home last week though it will hopefully be making a welcome return next week, providing my cover man for it doesn't bottle the big task and provides fair analysis. Catch you all at some time next week folks...

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