Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Iron fears the Hammer

OK, so last weekend didn't go fully to plan, which is a slight understatement. Just as well that it is totally irrelevant then. I would give credit to our opponents for playing very well and beating us convincingly but we know we didn't turn up and give a fair account of ourselves. I'm not going to waste time on excuses, to me they're just like unacceptable reasons. We've learnt a lesson in how we should discipline ourselves but now it is time to draw a sharp line underneath it and move on, because this weekend the league is back.

The house lights are back on and the score is counting this weekend. I know that there is a lot of passion in the boys and a lot of damaged pride just swarming underneath the surface trying to escape. It's going to be important to manage that in the right ways. What we need to do is step onto the pitch and fight for and win the right to play our game. We are in the situation where all we require is a little reminder of just who we are. We are the Hammer in the title of this blog, and the rest of the league is the Iron. It is our job to go out there and beat them again and again until they bend to our desire, to our design and fear the next blow. We are certainly not vulnerable, we are venerable, the rightful possessors of the top spot in the league and, with respect, the best team.

So come Saturday there will be no prisoners, we will not allow someone to march into our house and tell us what to do. We will be raw and ready, fighting fit and ready to tear out the throat of anyone who stands in our way (metaphorically of course... with the possible exception of H). I'm not the kind of guy who needs to give rallying calls, and we're not the kind of team that forgets what we've worked so hard to achieve. I think that in one way or another all of the boys will be thinking hard about Saturday and they will turn up. For those boys out injured it would also be great to see you down to support as well. In fact, that goes for anyone with a desire to see what we can do. We'll be ready on Saturday, let's just hope that the world is too.

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