Monday, 3 October 2011

The Rush of Victory

I've not got a great deal I can update with at the moment. This weekend we won 6-1 and are still top of the pile, I missed the game myself (only one I intend to) but from what I can gather the momentum is still rolling on. I'm going to be seeing to it that it doesn't drop for next weekend either. Another big win added with the team we beat last week drawing this week (so, they're no whipping boys) the message is clear to all the other teams; we are no fluke. If they're paying attention to the league they'll know that now, and they'll be coming for us. If I was one of those other teams I'd be up for that chase, I'd be wanting to announce it like this. We don't have daylight up top yet and the only way to guarantee getting it is by winning every game, so that's what we're going to try and do. I'm also not having everyone else scoring all the goals and having all the fun, I'll be back at the party soon, and looking to dance!

I'd like to now draw your attention to something that could be a new revolution in our sport. That is a 'new way to play' is known as Rush Hockey. Now from what I can tell they're very much still in stages of creating a buzz about this activity, so perhaps any of us getting the chance to try it our properly are a little off in the future. To put it simply, Rush Hockey seems to be a Hockey version of 5-a-side football. There are 4-5 players, you can shoot from anywhere on the field (that will be interesting), the games are shorter, no aerial play is allowed (which is good news for me but bad news for Kiwis incredible aerials!) and it seems to be played on a pitch about the size of a 5-a-side pitch. So now you might be thinking, so what? We play mini-games all the time in training, how is this a revolution? Well, cast your mind back 15 years (if you can) to a time before 5-a-side was common place, and then think about it now. I'm sure everyone has at least played a game of 5-a-side, some of us will even play once a week in a team. In 5-a-side the emphasis is on skill, technical ability, and your how you adapt and work as a unit. To be provided with a competitive game that emphasises those things can only be beneficial for any players who are dedicated to improving their game.

Also, the site where they are looking to set up this Rush Hockey is at the powerleague on Wilbraham Road, which, as anyone handy with their geography will be able to tell you, is about as close to our home pitch as is possible. This is the only site in the North West that is trying it out, so for us not to get involved is damn near insulting. When I know some exact details on this I'll update you all immediately because I truly believe this could be a fantastic new way to play what is obviously the greatest sport on the planet. But don't take my word for it, check them out at Rush Hockey. You can also 'like' them on Facebook if you're into all that, or follow them on Twitter if you're into a bit of that as well. To be honest, if you do that you'll be as clued up as I am, and hopefully as excited too. See you next time folks.

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